Thursday, April 18, 2019

Dr. Derek will Save Lives Because of You

Dr. Derek will save lives

You gave Derek the skills he needed to save lives in his community.

By the time Derek was eight, he had already lost half of his family. His father died, then, his brother had died at the young age of 15 because they couldn’t get him the medicine he needed.

Derek’s neighbors became his family. But it wasn’t long before tragedy struck again. Derek’s pregnant neighbor was sick and needed a hospital.  The nearest hospital ws hours away from her village. She started walking, but the walk was too much for her. She passed out on the road, and Derek watched others try to help her with traditional remedies.  They only hurt her. She survived, but the baby died. That was when Derek knew he wanted to become a doctor for his village. He never wanted anyone else to go through that pain again.

But Derek didn’t know where to start. Since his mother and grandmother were uneducated, he didn’t have anyone to ask. No one encouraged him to read or study. While he sometimes attended school, his family was too poor to provide him with food. After his 90 minute walk to school on a an empty stomach, he would fall asleep in class.

You changed everything changed for Derek!

Once his mother heard from neighbors about how orphans could access free education at Nyaka’s Kutamba Primary School, she immediately enrolled her son. Not only was Derek regularly attending school, but he could stay awake because you serve students breakfast and lunch!

At first, Derek’s hardest subject was science. But, since you help provide Nyaka students with the best educators, science teacher, Teacher Nicholas, soon became Derek’s mentor and worked one-on-one with him until he mastered the subject.
Derek learning about medicine through Nyaka's clinics.

Derek now loved school, and because your support helps create such a positive environment at Nyaka, he passed his national exams with some of the highest scores! As a graduate of your Nyaka Vocational Secondary School, he is now on his way  to a top high school to continue his medical path. Once he’s a doctor, Derek wants to bring modern medicine to his home village.

Thanks to your investment in Derek’s future years ago, he will be able to save more lives in his home community!

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

You Empower Susan to Access Education AND Health Care!

Thanks to your support, Susan can  transcend her life of rural poverty by working towards a career in health care!

By the time Nakunda Susan was five, she had lost her father. Her mother was left to take care of Susan and her five older siblings. Her mother could barely afford to fix their broken down house, let alone pay for Susan’s school fees. Susan’s education was a low priority. It’s uncommon for impoverished girls in rural Uganda to attend school. They’re often pushed to get married as soon as they can.

However, because of your compassion, everything changed for Susan and her family! A neighbor, who was a teacher, came to Susan’s home to share that orphans could attend school for free at Nyaka. Susan was soon enrolled in nursery class at Nyaka Primary School.

While at Nyaka Primary School, you provided Susan with and education, as well as necessities like clothes, books, and breakfast/lunch. You also impacted the lives of Susan’s family when you repaired her crumbling home.

You gave Susan a safe place to study so she could succeed. Academic success is crucial for Susan, because she dreams of being a nurse. One day, when she was too ill to attend class, she visited Nyaka’s Mummy Drayton Clinic. Because you make it possible for students to access FREE health care, Susan was immediately treated and returned back to school.

She was amazed to learn that the nurse who helped her had once been just like her! Nurse Ruth had been one of Nyaka’s first students. Now she was a bright, successful young woman. (you can read Ruth’s story here)!

Because you empowered Ruth 17 years ago, Susan was inspired. She decided then that she would work hard to become a Nyaka nurse too like her hero, Ruth. Your compassion is creating a wave of change in Uganda!

Because of the opportunities you provide for Nyaka students, Susan has the tools she needs to achieve her dreams AND impact generations of orphaned students to come. Thank you!