Monday, November 5, 2018

You Empower Nyaka's Women in STEM!

 Your compassion empowers Nyaka’s future female engineers! Without your continued generosity, Nyaka would not be able to offer opportunities for women in STEM*.

Before joining Nyaka, Nayebare Primah had never stepped foot into a classroom. She watched other children in her village attend school, but her family couldn’t afford the school fees. Without school, Nayebare would’ve likely end up like the majority of uneducated girls in rural Uganda: destined to be a homemaker and young mother.  

However, Nayebare life changed when she had the opportunity to attend Nyaka’s Vocational School for FREE. When you allowed her to attend Nyaka, you told her that her ideas were valuable. Nayebare took advantage of this chance to let her ideas flourish, as she joined the Robotics Club!

From the Robotics Club, Nayebare has gained skills in teamwork from working with other future engineers! She has also gained confidence from having to present her tech innovations in front of judges panels at robotics competitions. Last year, your support allowed her to compete with Nyaka’s Robotics Club in Kampala, where they came in FIRST!

Your support not only changed Nayebare, but lets aide her entire community! The inventions that the Nyaka Robotics Club creates target urgent needs in the community. In response to the Ebola outbreak, Nayebare worked on a team that engineered an automatic sink tap so people can safely wash their hands!

Your gifts not only empower Nayebare, but can continue to impact the many girls yearning for an education in rural southwestern Uganda!

*STEM=Science Technology Engineering Math