Wednesday, November 21, 2018

17 Years Ago, you Gave Ruth a Chance-Where is she now?

Girls in Rural Uganda are often told to quit school so they can start a family.

Without your support, Ruth believes that at 22, she would “be a mom to many children,” rather than one of Nyaka’s amazing nurses.

Ruth lost her father at a very young age. She and her five younger siblings were sent to live with their grandmother. While attending Primary One, her grandmother couldn’t purchase her books or pay school fees. Her education was going to end before her eighth birthday. Ruth accepted that she would be a housemaid, rather than achieve her dream of being a nurse.

However, thanks to your support, everything changed for Ruth when her grandmother discovered a FREE school for orphaned children--your Nyaka Primary School. Ruth was a Pioneer Student, part of Nyaka’s first class of students.

As a student, Ruth watched nurses care for her ill grandmother. She knew she wanted to become a nurse to serve her community, particularly for sick children. Thanks to the strong education foundation you provided Ruth, she made her dreams a reality. Ruth graduated nursing school!

Your compassion not only benefited Ruth, but also allowed her to impact the Nyaka community. Today, Ruth is the nurse at your Nyaka’s Vocational Secondary School. Ruth treats sick students so they can stay in school. She also counsels and provides emotional support for students.

This is Ruth’s dream job because she can inspire students everyday. Young students gain confidence by seeing how Ruth was a Nyaka student who became a medical professional. Because compassionate people like you invested in Ruth over 10 years ago, she is able to continue to inspire Nyaka’s female students every day.

Can you imagine what the children you are investing in today will do when they grow up?

Meet Ruth, the nurse you empowered!