Monday, October 15, 2018

You Empower Female Students to Fight Injustices!

Sarah is a college student fighting for others’ rights, but this justice would not be possible without your support for her!

When she was just a child, Sarah lost her parents to AIDS by age eight. Yet, she did not lose hope-she still dreamed of becoming a lawyer. As Sarah grew up, it became difficult for her grandmother to pay her school fees. Even when could attend school, she was often more focused on where she would get necessities like soap, sanitary pads, and toothpaste. Consider that in rural Uganda, girls who can’t access sanitary pads often drop out of school, Sarah’s aspirations of becoming a lawyer seemed dismal.

However, thanks to your compassion, Sarah didn’t give up on her dreams! After she won a Nyaka scholarship through partnership with Beautiful World Canada, Sarah could prioritize her studies. She no longer worried about where she was going to get basics, such as soap, sanitary pads, and clothing. Your involvement in the Nyaka family empowered her to graduate from secondary school and attend university.

Sarah was confident in her abilities to excel at university, as she understands that Nyaka offered the “highest standard” of education. Without your support, Nyaka’s education would not be up to its caliber.

To become a lawyer, a “voice for the voiceless,” Sarah studied human rights litigation. While working on her dissertation on the right to a speedy trial, Sarah has filed petitions to ensure that Ugandans aren’t being held past the legal limit. The strength you helped instilled upon her has had a larger impact--Sarah was able to get a Ugandan official his court date.

Sarah is proof of what women can achieve when you invest in their educations! 
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