Tuesday, July 24, 2018

You Opened Doors for Tauba!

Tauba’s father died when she was just seven months old. The youngest of 10 children, she watched as her mother had to choose which of her children she could send to school. Tauba knew that she would never get the chance. As the youngest child and a girl, she would most likely work in the fields with her mother and then get married as soon as she reached her early teens. 

Still, Tauba always watched the children walking so proudly in their brightly colored school uniforms. She would imagine herself walking beside them in her own uniform, holding her own books. Sometimes, she would run to her mother and ask about school. Her mother would just shake her head and send Tauba to fetch water or help cook dinner

One day, a community leader came to speak with her mother about your Nyaka Primary School. The very next year, Tauba was running with her friends in her own beautiful, purple uniform. 

Now, Tauba is one of your Primary Seven students, and she can hardly believe how much her life has changed. She remembers times at home when her family had nothing to eat. At school she knows they will provide her with two warm meals. She carries her own textbooks home and studies hard. She is so grateful for the education that you are providing for her. 

Tauba dreams of becoming a surgeon. She wants to earn enough money to help her older brothers and sisters who didn’t get to go to school. She also dreams of sponsoring five Nyaka children when she grows up so that they can have the same chance she has.

Tauba is proud to be one of your Nyaka students. It is only through your generosity and compassion that she will have a bright future.