Tuesday, March 27, 2018

NVSS is off to a great year!

The 2018 school year is off to a great start and your students are glad to be back! It’s the first year that NVSS is at full capacity, educating grades S.1-S.4. The school was opened in phases starting with S.1 in 2015 and added another class every year after. Before NVSS opened, these students would have to attend secondary and vocational schools far from home. Today, they are able to attend NVSS and remain surrounded by the positive influence of the Nyaka team. There are 54 students from the Nyaka and Kutamba primary schools who moved on to NVSS this year, bringing the entire student body at NVSS to 209 students!

The school allows Nyaka to continue providing their education in a supportive environment. Students who have been orphaned by HIV/AIDS face barriers that other children don't. They are more vulnerable to human trafficking and sexual assault. Many are dealing with grief and loss, which can lead to unhealthy behaviors. With over a decade of experience, Nyaka is better equipped to help these children overcome those barriers than other schools. Nyaka also provides vital supportive services including counseling, sexual assault interventions, and reproductive health education. Nyaka believes that all children deserve a high-quality education. Thanks to YOUR support, they are provided with the same amazing education. 

Your students are also excited to begin using the Dining and Multipurpose Hall building that was just completed. This building will be the heart of the campus as a place for students and staff to eat and gather. It will also serve as the testing center for students who take their final exams while in grade S.4. The campus is getting closer to completion but is still in need of the Chemistry and Physics Labs plus other final touches like fencing off the school. 
Thank you for building your students in Uganda an amazing school that will change their lives!