Wednesday, February 28, 2018

A Community Pillar

Jovia has experienced unimaginable loss in her life. She and her husband had seven children, all of whom died when they were very young. Her husband soon followed the children. Jovia found herself childless, widowed, and with virtually nothing. Even though she had few material possessions, Jovia realized that she still had a lot of love left in her heart. She decided to share this love by opening her home to orphaned children. Over the years, Jovia has raised six children, none of whom were related to her. While life hasn’t always been easy for her and her grandchildren, your support has given Jovia the resources she needs to survive and raise her newfound family. 
Although Jovia doesn’t have a formal education, she is a very smart and savvy woman. She learned as much as possible about business from her late husband, but she lacked the resources needed to provide her own income when he passed away. Fortunately, she joined a Nyaka Granny Group, and through Nyaka’s microfinance program she was able to borrow money to open her own retail shop. The shop started small, but Jovia has been able to grow and expand it over the years.
Today, Jovia is 75 years old and the proud owner of a successful shop in her village. Because of your support, she sells items such as salt, soaps, beans, maize flour, millet, cooking oil, matches, sugar, sandals, onions, soft drinks and sugar cane, generating enough income to allow her to provide a good life for her family. Jovia is just one of the many grandmothers who you have supported through Nyaka. These women are strong, capable, and improving their lives, thanks to you. These women are the pillars of their communities and Jovia is but one of the many special women whose life YOU have turned around. Thank you!