Friday, August 4, 2017

Nyaka Young Tech Innovators

The Nyaka Young Tech Innovators Club is an up and coming club at Nyaka Vocational Secondary School (NVSS). It’s a team of 5 girls, ages 13 to 15, who started the club in July 2016 because they had an interest in technology. Ruth, Primah, Uditah, Immaculate, and Shamim, founded the Nyaka Young Innovators Club on the belief that, “To improve African Education, focus on Technology and Innovation”. They want to accumulate knowledge and skills to have the opportunity to develop their own solutions to local problems. At the time they formed the club, they didn’t have any knowledge about robotics and computer programming but said what they did have was ideas. 

The club meets every day to work on projects and pitch ideas. A recent project they finished is a wirelessly controlled robot. The robot can move around in different directions and be controlled with a smartphone, computer, or tablet. The club is looking forward to adding other features like a camera, temperature sensor, ultrasonic sensors and making it more powerful to increase the speed.The girls are also working on an app called the Patient Care App (PCA), which will help remind people when it is time to take their medications or make a doctor’s appointment.

These young innovators are working towards improving the well-being of people through the use of technology to solve their most pressing challenges. Thank you for building them a school that can give them access to this type of technology. Without YOU, these girls wouldn’t have the chance to build their ideas and dreams!