Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The 2017 School Year in Uganda is Underway

Kutamba nursery students on their first day of school
The 2017 school year is underway in Uganda and your students have settled in nicely. The first day of school officially kicked off on February 6th. This year, 768 students from nursery school through university are enrolled, thanks to your support.

• 234 students are attending Nyaka Primary School

• 229 students are attending Kutamba Primary School

• 160 students are attending Nyaka Vocational Secondary School

• 145 students are on scholarships attending different secondary schools, vocational schools, or universities

NVSS students receiving their dorm supplies
The nursery students were really excited to receive their brand new school uniforms and shoes. This was a special day for them because it marked the beginning of their academic journey. It was also a big day for students starting their first year of secondary school. They received supplies for their dormitories which included items like toiletries, jerry cans, sheets, pillows and mattresses. These supplies seem like everyday necessities, but for many of the students the night of February 6th was the first time they ever slept on a mattress.

Your students are looking forward to a great year thank you for making it possible for them!
Young men at NVSS on their first day of school
Nyaka nursery students on their first day of school