Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Meet Our Young Hero, Cameron Northern!

Cameron Northern has been a champion for Nyaka since she was 7 years old. She was introduced to Nyaka when T. Jackson Kaguri came to speak at her church. After he told her about the children he was helping in Uganda, her heart was changed and she wanted to do something. Cameron asked her mother if she could give her piggy bank to Nyaka. She donated everything she had to the children. But even that didn't feel like enough.

Cameron hand wrote letters to all of her friends and family asking them to send her their change. The response was tremendous and she raised $848.48 for Nyaka!

Cameron and her family were excited for the success of their campaign but she felt in her heart that God wanted her to continue helping Nyaka. Since that year Cameron, with the help of her parents, Seth and Ali, and her little brother, Brett, has planned a fundraiser to support Nyaka every year. Cameron's father, Seth, told us that she has no problem asking people for money because she loves this organization so much and has such a passion to help. The real challenge is coming up with something new every year. And she's done a fantastic job! From a school supply drive and collected 250 pounds of school supplies to selling flower pins they made in their kitchen (raising $750!), she's worked hard to do whatever she can to help your children and grandmothers.
Cameron told us "I always want to do something different than I did the year before. I like to be creative and I think that creativity helps when you fundraise. I’m just really excited to do this." Apparently her excitement is contagious because this year Cameron raised her biggest total yet! She entered an indoor triathlon that included swimming ¼ mile, biking 10 miles, and running a 5K. Cameron hand wrote letters to her friends and family asking for their support. On the day of the event everyone came to cheer her on. She did the whole thing in 1.5 hours! AND she raised $2,603 for your students!

Cameron's mother said, "This is all Cameron’s heart and soul. Seth and I are just behind her to support her."

Cameron has been sharing her story and passion for Nyaka for 6 years now. This is part of her story and the lessons she's learned her own words:

I am completely committed to helping these children. I have realized how fortunate I am and how much I have that these children do not. I realized that the pink bike I wanted was DEFINITELY not as important as a little kid on the other side of the world going to school and having food.  I have also learned so much through the process of raising money for Nyaka.
First, if you are passionate about something, tell others about it! Live and breathe it! Figure out a plan to help the organization you are passionate about and just do it!

Second, don’t be afraid to ask others to support you.  People have been so generous in supporting me and even telling me that they were so glad that I asked them!  I was amazed how my letters touched peoples’ hearts, and it was humbling to have them tell me that they were proud of me.  

Third, I learned that being creative helps your fundraising effort.  Every year I try to switch things up a bit and do something different which people seem to like and I can reach a broader range of people. 

 Lastly, I have also learned to have confidence in myself.  I’m not embarrassed or afraid to ask people to help Last year at church camp I even to stood up in front of a group of youth, told my story and encouraged them to support and fundraise for organizations that mean something to them. Nyaka has named me one of their “Young Heroes and Child Ambassadors”. I’m working with them and my parents to come up with new ways to teach and encourage children to give. 

Most importantly, all of this fundraising has taught me that even a young child like me can make a difference in the lives of people half-way around the world! All you have to do is ask and put in the hard work!  

We hope that Cameron inspires you as much as she has us!

Cameron is currently in the planning stages for her most ambitious endeavor yet. We won't spoil the surprise but we're really excited to see what this amazing girl does next!

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