Tuesday, September 16, 2014

E-Readers: Bringing New Technology to YOUR Nyaka Students!

Nyaka has the most enthusiastic, loving, and compassionate supporters in the world and Cath Inanir, one of our board members, is a perfect example. She led an effort to put e-readers in the hands of your Nyaka students. Because of her support and a partnership with Worldreader, your students will have access to over 10,000 books and technology that will prepare them for their futures! 

In July, Cath (pictured right) traveled to Uganda with Worldreader to give out 50 e-readers to your students at Nyaka Primary School and Kutamba Primary School. Together Cath and World Reader presented the technology to over 250 of your eager students, teachers, and staff.

They were greeted with gratitude and excitement! The students dressed up and sang songs. Guests came from the District Education Office, the Segal Family Foundation, and across the world to join the celebration. 

The children celebrated because they knew what a precious gift they were receiving.  These e-readers open your students up to a new world of possibilities. Books that might have been too expensive to purchase can now be downloaded more affordably. Students no longer need to wait months for books. Now they can be downloaded within minutes.

Illiteracy is an evil that harms individuals and communities. It keeps smart people from being able to bring their ideas to life. This isn't a small, isolated issue at all. There are 740 million adults in this world who cannot read or write and 250 million children of primary school age who do not have basic reading and writing skills (Worldreader). They are prevented from reaching their dreams. With the help of e-readers, these students and many others after them, will not have to be afraid that illiteracy will keep them from their dreams. Access to technology and literacy resources ensures that your students will be able to get the skills they need to succeed!

Want to learn more? Cath Inanir also spoke to our partners, Worldreader, about this experience in their blog. You can read it here!

Here are more photos of YOUR students gaining access to knowledge through their new e-readers!