Friday, August 1, 2014

Ronald and Gloria are Grateful for YOU!

Imagine that you are a child—almost too young to keep memories—and one day your father, who has been sick your entire life, is gone. You never knew your mother but you know the same illness also took her away.
At the funeral, as you hold your younger sister’s hand, you hear the whispers. Slim. You don’t know what the word means but even your young ears can feel the weight and sadness behind it.

What you know for certain is that now you and your sister are completely alone.

This is the memory that Ronald has of his early life after his parents passed away from HIV/ADS. His story begins very similar to the story of many children in Uganda. Luckily for Ronald and his little sister, Gloria, two amazing things happened to them.

The first was that their grandmother learned about her son’s death. They lived far away from but, as soon as she heard that her grandchildren needed her, she made the long journey to rescue them and bring them back to her home.

The second occurred shortly after. Although their grandmother loved them deeply and cared for them as well as she could, she could not afford to send them to school. Then The Nyaka Primary School opened in their village of Nyakagyezi. Ronald and Gloria were among the first students to attend.

They were given free education, uniforms (with shoes!), healthcare, and nutritious meals!

Ronald and Gloria are now both in secondary school. In just a couple years, they will both be attending university and they will be able to repay their grandmother for the hard work and sacrifices she made while raising them. Ronald wants to be a teacher and his sister, Gloria, wants to be a lawyer.

There are so many children whose stories that people like you are changing every day. Precious, little lives that would otherwise be trapped in a lifetime of poverty, unable to share their gifts and talents with the world.

They have this opportunity because of the compassion of people like YOU!

Today is The Beginning of the August Global Giving Challenge!

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