Wednesday, July 9, 2014

July Michigan Volunteers of the Month

July Volunteer of the Month
Rose Cooper

Rose has been a Volunteer for Nyaka for over 2 years!  She has done a variety of Volunteer Activities including singing the national anthem at our 5k earlier in the year and helping out with mailings; she definitely has a favorite volunteer activity though! We asked rose to share a bit about her volunteer exerience with Nyaka in her own words:

"While I like doing 'normal' volunteer stuff for Nyaka when I have an opportunity, I really enjoy the supplemental charity organization that I was inspired to create because of Nyaka. There's a long story behind this. A couple years ago, I posted on my Facebook page that my motorcycle tire died and that I couldn't afford to get another one, thus essentially ending my motorcycle riding season before it started (I found the flat tire in March). I wasn't asking anyone to do anything for me, I was just lamenting the loss. Then something incredible happened, a bunch of #lovelansing friends of mine decided to come together and raise money to get me a replacement tire. I was (and still am) floored by this wonderful show of generosity. And I decided that that was a sign that I needed to do something about it. Since I'm kind of known around town for singing while riding my motorcycle, I decided to create 'Ride and Sing with SonicBOOM!', which I use as a way to raise funds for charitable organizations and events. I offer rides in exchange for a donation to that charity. And Nyaka was my first charity."
We appreciate everything Rose does for Nyaka and the Lansing community including lending her unique gifts, such as her voice, and her passions, such as riding her motorcycle.

Young Hero of The Month
Bailey Scott, 13

"It's fun to volunteer with friends and
while we are working, we are changing someone
else's life. By completing small tasks, you can help
change someone's life. It feels good to be
 a part of something so positive.
Since that day Bailey has regularly attended Nyaka's Volunteer Night's on Wednesdays and has donated 13 ½ hours of her time.  Bailey says, "I volunteer for Nyaka because of the fact that I am helping children get an education. The things we take for granted and have accessible are not always available for other people."  Not only does Bailey volunteer but she encourages her friends and sister to join in as well.  

Bailey is an 8th grader at Windemere Park Charter Academy where she learned about Nyaka when Jackson visited the school and gave a presentation.  Bailey said, 

"I learned that a small gesture on my part can make a big difference in someone else's life."

When Bailey isn't volunteering she likes to draw, read, camp, and spend time outdoors. She also like listening to music and hanging out with family and friends.

The Students and Grannies of Nyaka and Kutamba are fortunate to have such a dedicated, giving, and compassionate Young Hero volunteering and advocating on their behalf.