Thursday, June 5, 2014

June Michigan Volunteers of the Month

June Volunteer Spotlight

Arthur Wohlwil

Grandmother Basket Sale  Dec, 2013
Arthur has been a loyal Volunteer of Nyaka's for over 2 years!  He is a jack of all trades, and a Volunteer Extraordinaire so to speak. Arthur has helped with everything from mailings and office work, to basket sales, and events such as the Breaking Barriers 5K, and our annual fundraiser One by One.  If there is something that he can't do, we have yet to find it.  The Students and Grannies of Nyaka as well as our local office staff members are so blessed to have all of Arthur's help and support!

Arthur likes Volunteering for Nyaka because he believes in the cause and feels very appreciated by Nyaka staff members.

When Arthur isn't volunteering on behalf of Nyaka you can find him teaching biology at the Lansing Community College or out in the community volunteering.  He also enjoys playing ultimate frisbee, board games, and watching movies.

June Young Hero Profile

Danny Kuzma, 13

Danny Kuzma is a 7th grader at Windemere Park Charter Academy. In February Jackson Kaguri gave a presentation on Africa, Uganda, clean water systems, and The Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project at his school.  After the students were dismissed from the presentation Danny found a quarter on the ground and was inspired to do something.  He immediately went back to his teacher and gave her the quarter and asked if she could make sure it went to Nyaka.
A Young Hero was inspired and a fundraiser, Pennies for Pencils, was born.  When Danny was asked why not just keep the quarter for himself he replied, "Because down inside of me thought they would need it more than I did."  That thoughtfulness was spread throughout, the 7th grade and together they were able to raise $48.16, enough money to buy 2,408 pencils in Uganda.

The students of Nyaka and Kutamba are blessed to have Danny as their champion, and we are grateful to have young men like Danny in our World.  When Danny isn't out changing the World he enjoys attending school, drawing pictures, and doing math.