Friday, February 7, 2014

Rolling In The Class Of '21

It’s that time of year when all YOUR primary 7 students take a test to determine if they can go on to secondary school and vocational school.  

Your students have done extremely well! 

27 of your 28 Kutamaba students passed their final exams with a B+ or higher!

27 of your 33 Nyaka students passed with a B+ or higher. 4 passed with a C average.  

The students have overcome tremendous obstacles to prove their brilliance and talent. No one would see their wonderful potential if YOU had not believed in them first. Great job!

YOUR brand new Nursery class that just started on February 3rd! Can you imagine they will be graduating in 2021!
That’s a lot sooner than it may seem! Want to help them along the way!?  Want to make your donation go 30% further?
Join us for the Global Giving Bonus Day!

Global Giving is offering $75,000 that could go to YOUR children. With these funds, you could provide medicine, clean water, and healthy meals to more of your children.
You can get reminders about this event and stay informed by attending our event page on our Facebook event page!

Date: February 12th
Time: 9:00 AM EST (Be sure to donate early. Matching funds go fast!)
Some Details:
    • Matching is applied at 30% up to $1,000 per donor per project 
    • Only donations made by unique donors per project will be matched
    • Only online donations (credit card or PayPal) are eligible for matching
Here's the link:
We hope you can join us!