Monday, June 3, 2013



Your heart is already in Uganda.

Your loving support of the children and grannies of Nyaka has proven your devotion.

Do you ever wish you could visit them?

Have you ever wanted to walk between the desks and extend a high five to your favorite students?

Have you ever wanted to sit in a newly built smokeless kitchen and visit with a Nyaka granny and her children?

Our inaugural Womens Trip has begun and a group of women are now in Uganda visiting your students, grannies and our loyal staff.

This is an amazing opportunity for all of you!

You can see through their eyes the world YOU save with your generosity.

Starting TODAY, you can spend time with the women touring Uganda and The Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project virtually.

Catch a glimpse of a special afternoon tea with Country Manager, Jennifer Nantale.

Through these pioneers, you will partake in a meet and greet with Jackson's mother.

15 grandmothers receiving a home, smokeless kitchen, and clean pit-latrine - thanks to YOU and your donations - will be hugged and encouraged on your behalf.

You will be introduced to the Pygmy/Batwa culture - a once in a lifetime experience - through your Nyaka friends.

On top of these beautiful, heartwarming virtual experiences, your students and the NAOP staff are so excited to greet you!
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Follow the Nyaka blog and don't miss a moment of this exciting trip.

Who knows? 

This might be just the motivation you need to start planning to join us next year.

Send an email to to receive an invitation in 2014.

For now, be sure to follow the trip on Twitter using #Nyakabound and get photo updates on Instagram at Nyaka Project.

As they would say to you in the village of Nyakagyezi, Uganda:

You are welcome!