Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Get Set!

Your lap is coming up.

Are you ready?

The Race to 1k begins tomorrow morning at 9am EST.

Don't go strapping on your running shoes.

This is a virtual race to win $1,000 for your Nyaka students and grannies.

Starting tomorrow, June 12 at 9am EST, Global Giving will be offering $.50 for every dollar donated to The Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project. 

This is your chance to step up and invite your friends to be apart of something extraordinary.

Your love is providing an education for more than 600 students in rural Uganda. You have built homes for their grannies and put books in the hands of community members through the Blue Lupin Community Library. You make sure that more than 20,000 people drink clean, life-preserving water.

You are saving lives.

 Share the love. Invite others to join you in rebuilding a community.

The goal is to win the $1,000 award for the most new donors on BONUS Day.

If you have made a donation on Global Giving in the past, we are not asking for a gift from you.

We need you to pass the baton!

We need you to personally invite 5 friends to donate $10 tomorrow morning.

If you have never given, this is a great opportunity to lead by example AND see your donation go even further!

Tell your loved ones on Facebook why you love your Nyaka kiddos so much. Tweet why your Nyaka grannies are so important to you. 

Pin this save the date!

There is $90,000 available and YOU could win enough to support the education of 4 primary students with the simple gift of your time.

Every person that gives a gift during the Race to 1k will be recognized online as a participant in our relay!

Visit Nyaka's Global Giving page to save lives with a $10 gift. Every little bit helps!

Get ready for the Race to 1k!