Friday, June 14, 2013

Hilary: Your Future Neurosurgeon

As we walked into the guest house after a grueling 11-hour ride from Kampala to Nyaka Primary Schools, his welcoming wide grin made it all seem a little bit brighter,

"Welcome Madam, I am Hilary. 
I am one of your secondary school students in Senior 5. 
You are welcome."  

He seemed pleasantly surprised to learn that I knew who he was and was humbled when I told him
that we are so very proud of him in the United States.  

19,000 miles away, as the crow flies, there are people who care about his success
pretty cool!

I was so happy to meet this young man.  He is one of our pioneer students. In other words he was one of the first students to be selected to attend the school and was in the first graduating class in 2007.

I knew that Hilary wanted to be a doctor from his many thank you letters he has written to donors in the United States.  At The Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project we offer a child a free education from the moment they are enrolled as long as they continue to perform well in school.  We believe this creates buy-in.  

And it is working! Hilary is one example of over 650 students who are working so hard to pass their exams every day.

Board Member and native Ugandan, Frank Byamugisha of the World Bank writes,  

"The performance of our students in 2012 is no mean feat for a rural school. While 53 of our students performed at Grade Level 1 (equivalent of an A), some of Nyaka's competitors have not had a single student in this same category for more than 5 years."

While I sipped a hot tea and Hilary ate tiny morsels of a Snickers bar, savoring every crumb, Hilary explained to me (perhaps with tears in his eyes, but as a teenage boy I shall let you decide as the reader if you'll include that detail) how unbelievably grateful he is for Nyaka.

He doesn't know where he would be without Nyaka, but the pregnant pause after he said it made me conjure up images of the many young men I've encountered who are skimming a living as boda boda drivers in the city. They wear torn and dirty clothing and are at very high risk of contracting HIV/AIDS.

Instead, Hilary had just finished volunteering on his school break, working at the guest house, and is studying hard so that he can become a NEUROSURGEON.

Your generous support makes these kind of success stories happen each and every day at Nyaka and Kutamba Primary Schools.

Thank you for your love, care, and support.

Watch for an update from our 2013 Inaugural Ladies Trip over the weekend, as
well as a very exciting announcement!

Kelly Voss
Director of Development

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013


The Race to 1k has begun!

It is time to invite your friends and loved ones to join you in saving lives.

You can help Nyaka primary students win $1,000 in bonus money.

Tell  your loved ones that they can donate any amount from now until midnight tonight and Global Giving will match $.50  of every dollar.

Go to Nyaka's Global Giving page and change a child's life now!

The goal is to have the most new donors by the end of today. We need you to share your love for the Nyaka students and grannies with the world.

Think of this as a virtual relay.

By "passing the baton" and telling friends and family about how they can donate, you help your favorite students win!

Tell 5 people about the race today. At $10 per person, you will make a huge difference.

Tweet all about it! #Raceto1k

Who would of thought that a $10 donation would change a child's life forever?

Want to do more?

Join the relay and your names will be announced all day as participants in this life-changing relay!

Share why you donated and help spread the word on Facebook and Twitter.

We love to hear from our followers!

As always, do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have about your donation today by sending an email to

You make it possible for children living in poverty to eat every day, drink clean water and see a doctor when they are sick.

It's a beautiful day for a race!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Get Set!

Your lap is coming up.

Are you ready?

The Race to 1k begins tomorrow morning at 9am EST.

Don't go strapping on your running shoes.

This is a virtual race to win $1,000 for your Nyaka students and grannies.

Starting tomorrow, June 12 at 9am EST, Global Giving will be offering $.50 for every dollar donated to The Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project. 

This is your chance to step up and invite your friends to be apart of something extraordinary.

Your love is providing an education for more than 600 students in rural Uganda. You have built homes for their grannies and put books in the hands of community members through the Blue Lupin Community Library. You make sure that more than 20,000 people drink clean, life-preserving water.

You are saving lives.

 Share the love. Invite others to join you in rebuilding a community.

The goal is to win the $1,000 award for the most new donors on BONUS Day.

If you have made a donation on Global Giving in the past, we are not asking for a gift from you.

We need you to pass the baton!

We need you to personally invite 5 friends to donate $10 tomorrow morning.

If you have never given, this is a great opportunity to lead by example AND see your donation go even further!

Tell your loved ones on Facebook why you love your Nyaka kiddos so much. Tweet why your Nyaka grannies are so important to you. 

Pin this save the date!

There is $90,000 available and YOU could win enough to support the education of 4 primary students with the simple gift of your time.

Every person that gives a gift during the Race to 1k will be recognized online as a participant in our relay!

Visit Nyaka's Global Giving page to save lives with a $10 gift. Every little bit helps!

Get ready for the Race to 1k!

Friday, June 7, 2013

On Your Mark!

It's a race to 1k and your favorite students need your help!

Don't worry.

It's NOT a foot race.

It's a virtual relay and we need YOU to win.

Race day is Wednesday, June 12th.

Mark the date on your calender. Set your reminder for 9 a.m. EST.

The simple gift of your time and attention could help us win $1,000 for your Nyaka students and grannies.

Monday, June 3, 2013



Your heart is already in Uganda.

Your loving support of the children and grannies of Nyaka has proven your devotion.

Do you ever wish you could visit them?

Have you ever wanted to walk between the desks and extend a high five to your favorite students?

Have you ever wanted to sit in a newly built smokeless kitchen and visit with a Nyaka granny and her children?

Our inaugural Womens Trip has begun and a group of women are now in Uganda visiting your students, grannies and our loyal staff.

This is an amazing opportunity for all of you!

You can see through their eyes the world YOU save with your generosity.

Starting TODAY, you can spend time with the women touring Uganda and The Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project virtually.

Catch a glimpse of a special afternoon tea with Country Manager, Jennifer Nantale.

Through these pioneers, you will partake in a meet and greet with Jackson's mother.

15 grandmothers receiving a home, smokeless kitchen, and clean pit-latrine - thanks to YOU and your donations - will be hugged and encouraged on your behalf.

You will be introduced to the Pygmy/Batwa culture - a once in a lifetime experience - through your Nyaka friends.

On top of these beautiful, heartwarming virtual experiences, your students and the NAOP staff are so excited to greet you!
Keep your eyes peeled! "Like" us on Facebook.

Follow the Nyaka blog and don't miss a moment of this exciting trip.

Who knows? 

This might be just the motivation you need to start planning to join us next year.

Send an email to to receive an invitation in 2014.

For now, be sure to follow the trip on Twitter using #Nyakabound and get photo updates on Instagram at Nyaka Project.

As they would say to you in the village of Nyakagyezi, Uganda:

You are welcome!