Friday, April 12, 2013

2013 First Term Secondary Student Update

First year secondary students!
Dearest Sponsors,

We are proud and honored to give you the report on our secondary school students, the students YOU have been supporting through your gifts, letters and encouragement!

YOU are currently supporting the education and future of 80 girls and 64 boys.

That's 144 students in total!


You are saving the future of hundreds of children. Thank you.

Click to enlarge and view Daphine's interview.
Every student had an updated photo taken and completed a new interview for you. Because of your important role in their life, you will have the opportunity to watch them achieve their dreams and live life at their greatest potential.

We hope that after you take some time to get to know your student, you'll take a moment to write them an encouraging letter.

Your student looks forward to hearing from you!

 And we are thrilled to welcome two new girls into the class, Amanya Bonietor and Sarah Rukundo. Thanks to YOUR sponsorship, they are now well on their way in senior five this year!

All of our students showed great promise on their beginning of term exams. A meeting was held with the students to share successes and challenges, and many students left inspired to continue their hard work!

Igabito at St. Gerards.

Never underestimate the value and impact YOUR encouragement has on YOUR students!

Denis on campus at Bishop Combon College.

YOU are helping them succeed every day!


You can give your friends and family the opportunity to be part of something extraordinary. Introduce them to students still waiting for someone like you by sharing this link to our photo album: