Friday, March 15, 2013

Emma & Able: A family grows by one at Nyaka Primary School

Emma & Able

This past summer my mom and I traveled to Uganda to volunteer at Nyaka Primary School. At this time, my family was sponsoring Frank, a Primary 1 student at Nyaka. Once Frank found out that my family was sponsoring him, he began calling me "sister." He told classmates about his sister and ran to hug me each morning. It warmed my heart to see how much of an impact we have on these kids’ lives!

Each and every child was so wonderful and grateful for all the help they received.

I looked into sponsoring a child, did the math, and figured that it costs only 68¢ a day to sponsor a child. I realized that I, like many of my peers, easily spend $5 per week or more on incidental expenses that are meaningless, such as a soft drink or coffee at Starbucks. Even though I am 18 and without a very large income, I saw how much of a difference I could have in one of these childrens' lives. 
When I returned home I immediately signed up to sponsor a child and was paired with Able, a charismatic Primary 1 student. My donation of less than $5 per week provides a child with a uniform, school supplies, tuition, two meals a day and access to health care. Receiving Able’s letters brightens my day and helps me truly see the importance of sponsoring a child!

--Emma Lathrop, International Volunteer & Sponsor of Able Amanya

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