Thursday, February 7, 2013

Your Love is Powerful

Your love has opened our doors to 641 students this year.
Hundreds of little feet ran, skipped and jumped into the school yards where they will find a brighter future.

In Uganda, 38% of all children under the age of six suffer from stunting due to chronic malnourishment.  Sixty preschool-aged children will simultaneously gain weight and knowledge this year because of you.
YOU have saved Moreen (pictured below) and her friends from poverty. Thank you.

First Day of School 2013
Moreen's future is brighter because of

156 students
including the newly graduated primary 7 students-
are heading off to secondary school.
Secondary Students off to school
You are building future leaders
 YOU have given each student a uniform, shoes and a warm sweater for chilly Ugandan mornings.  

Because of YOU little boys and girls are carrying the books and supplies they need to fill this year to the brim with learning. 

YOU have lovingly ensured each student will have access to clean water, a friendly school nurse, healthy meals and snacks, and a safe place where they can  just be children.

Your love is powerful.

Thank you for loving these little ones and their grannies. 

In humble gratitude, Kelly Headshot

Kelly Voss
Director of Development

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