Thursday, December 20, 2012

Update: Our Youngest Heroes

Earlier in the month, we wished Ellie, one of our young supporters at Clear Sky Elementary, good luck with her fundraiser.  

 It is with gratitude and glee that we report back to you the news on her wonderful success! 

Alongside receiving a generous individual sponsorship for a Nyaka student, Ellie sold baked goods and Nyaka merchandise in order to raise a grand total of $1,000! Wow! 

This money will go directly towards the service and education of our Nyaka students--boys and girls in Uganda not so different from Ellie and her classmates. 

We are inspired by Ellie’s big heart and ardent efforts to connect with students around the world. She is a shinning example of being the change in this world. 

We are so proud of her and all her friends at Clear Sky Elementary! Thanks Ellie! 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Our Youngest Heroes

Ellie is an 8-year-old student in third grade at Clear Sky Elementary. Aside from spending her time playing soccer and taking piano lessons, Ellie is doing a fundraiser to sponsor students at Nyaka!

Check out the letter below and the cutest donation box ever!

Hi parents!
My mom and I are doing a fundraiser at Clear Sky Elementry on December 12 to raise money to sponsor students at Nyaka.
Nyaka is a school in Uganda for AIDS orphans. By sponsoring a student we can give them their tuition, two meals a day, school supplies and all they need to get through the year.  To learn more about Nyaka go to .
I am writing this to ask if any parents could help by baking something individually wrapped.

Ellie, you are our hero. Good luck today on your presentation.

We thank Ellie and other young volunteers like her for supporting the students of Nyaka and Kutamba in every way possible!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Meet Allan!

Meet Allan!

Do you remember Allan’s story? Allan was born with a form of neuro-muscular disorder that prevents the full functionality of the use of his legs and a very limited range of motion in his arms. Although not an orphan, Allen is a vulnerable child in Uganda because of his disability and would not receive proper care and attention if he attended a rural public school.

When we received the good news that University of Michigan Hospital donated their services to operate on Allen's arm and legs, we knew his life would be forever changed because of YOU.

He can now use his wheelchair independently.

Did you see the video of Allan before the surgery?

Check it out!

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