Friday, November 16, 2012

Through Toby's Lense

As we begin Story-A-Week by sharing the new 4 minute documentary produced by filmmaker and Nyaka volunteer Brenda Phillips, we thought we should also shine a light on members of her incredible team.

Meet Thorbjørn "Toby" Chakravarty who traveled to Nyaka with Brenda in March as a volunteer photographer. Since then, we have used the beautiful images he captured in a Global Giving competition and now, he shares his experience with all of you. 

Enjoy and if you are considering a visit to Nyaka, check out our volunteer manual today!  

My experience with Nyaka
Bright Smiles
I was amazed to see the opportunities students at Nyaka were given, in such a remote village in Uganda. The school not only provides students with free quality education, it also helps out at other levels of the students life e.g. by providing seeds for their families to plant food at home. Nyaka started as a school project, but has become a driving force for several other projects in the village. I think Nyakas holistic approach to development is one of the key elements to their succes. The students as well as members of the village have benefitted from the orphans school, pure drinking water, a free medical clinic and the first public library in the district.  

“Nyaka proves that change can happen, not only in cities, but also in the most rural 
parts of Uganda.”

The atmosphere in the classroom is full of eagerness to learn. The students are curious, focused and proud. Attending a good school in a rural village is a privilege that only few few have, so those who get this unique chance, do their best. 

Janati was the face of Nyaka in this year's Global Giving Competition
The school provides a free space where girls can play and have fun, without worrying about duties at home. Girls in Uganda have many obligations such as cooking and fetching water, but at school food and water is provided for, which gives them time to be play around, chat and focus on their studies.

Thank you for caring for the Nyaka grannies

Grannies in Uganda are often left with immense responsibilities when their sons and daughters pass away to HIV/AIDS. The grannies are often left with the children, whom they struggle to provide for. Getting food on the table is often hard, but not impossible, while raising money to pay for school fees can seem almost impossible. Although circumstances are tough, these grannies don't give up easily; their spirit is fueled with hope and assertiveness to provide their grandchildren with a better future.

Thank you Toby for sharing Nyaka as you saw it through your lense!