Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Welcome back Tara and Lynette!

Two incredible volunteers have returned from Uganda!

Tara and Lynette, traveled to Nyaka earier this month. Tara says, “One of the most resounding memorable things to me was…the welcoming unconditional love that we received form the people in Uganda.” She tells us in her blog, “I’m not going to call it a ‘once in a lifetime trip’ because I’ll be back.”

Click here to read more about Tara and Lynette’s journey:

As part of their volunteer effort they took on the challenge of raising $2,000 to pay for two homes for grannies, which they accomplished earlier this summer. While visiting Nyaka Tara took photo updates of our 600 students for our Sponsor-A-Student program. Meanwhile Lynette taught bookkeeping to our grannies, which included revolving funds, micro-finance, and determining good investments.

It is because of volunteers like Tara and Lynette that your students and grannies accomplish the things they do. To learn more about volunteering in Uganda, check out our website at