Sunday, September 23, 2012

#CGI2012 - Our Commitment is Our Design to Impact!

Today, Clinton Global Initiative began.

World changers from all over the planet, are coming together to learn, to plan and to develop ways to do more for the communities they serve.

Isn't that what we are all wondering at Nyaka? 

How can we do more?
How can we save more lives?
How can we serve more children and more grandmothers than ever before?

With Uganda having the most HIV/AIDS orphans than any Sub-Saharan African country, we have to roll up our sleeves and push hard to reach out further every year.

This year, the Founder & Executive Director of The Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project, Twesigye Jackson Kaguri, attends The Clinton Global Initiative with a new commitment.

You can follow his LIVE tweets @Twejaka.  Be sure to follow #CGI2012 too!

It is your commitment.  It is what you want to do for the grandmothers of Nyaka that fuels this vision.

Your generosity has already provided services for 7,000 grandmothers.  The homes you have built, the clean water you have provided and the seeds that you have given them, impacts an additional 35,000 indirect beneficiaries - most of them children.

You have done some serious good!

You can do more.  We are planning to do more.

The commitment that we announced today at Clinton Global Initiative is extending our services to grandmothers into three more districts.

You are going to see services provided to thousands of grandmothers that will change the lives of children in three more communities.  We will be sharing our commitment with foundations, organizations, international corporations and individuals that may partner with you to make your commitment a reality.  Nothing is impossible.

The dedication and fortitude of the grandmothers is why they are our true heroes.  They take the services that you provide for them and share with those in need around them.

They are strong, unselfish and resourceful. You have given them a hope they can rely on.

Thank you for your commitment to the grandmothers of Nyaka. 


The Nyaka Team

 PS - Did you watch the Opening Plenary Session of The Clinton Global Initiative?  You still can.  Check out the video below and visit to keep up with the schedule as #CGI2012 continues!