Friday, September 7, 2012

Double Your Impact!

From August 13th-17th, 2012, your support provided fifty-eight Nyaka grandmothers the opportunity to attend the Kutamba Grannies Workshop. The conference was attended by 3 representatives from each of the 19 granny groups in the Nyakishenyi and Buyanja sub-countries.

Through the program our grannies were trained on various topics to allow them to grow as individuals and take back their new knowledge to their hometown groups. One of our grannies, Hope, says she learned “some good leadership skills and challenges, the role of grandmothers, caring about children with HIV/AIDS, parenting skills, food and nutrition, managing finance.” 
Shown above: Hope

In their testimonials, grandmothers requested more programming like the Kutamba Workshop.  What if you could double your impact today?

What if instead of training 52 grannies with your support, you could train 104?

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Global Giving has just announced that a generous donor will be matching all new recurring gifts between now and September 7th, 2012. Please consider signing up for an automatic monthly donation in order to continue support of the grandmothers of AIDS orphans in Uganda.

Your $25 will turn into $50!

52 grannies can be 104 grannies with your support!

Dorah, tells us “I request the initiators to keep on giving us these refresher courses, at least per year. More trainings are needed for the rest of the grandmothers.”
Shown above: Dorah

With your support grannies like Hope and Dorah can continue to receive training so they can connect with other grannies and learn the skills necessary to help care for their grandchildren. On average, each granny supports up to seven children and  currently you provide support for nearly 7,000 grandmothers in southwest Uganda.

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