Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Secondary Student Update: A Note from Education Coordinator, Christine Asiimwe

Izidol from Nyaka Secondary 4
Dear Sponsors,
Warm greetings to all!  Thank you for all you are providing for our oldest students.  They are well on their way through secondary school and we are very excited.  Imagine!  We have watched them grow since they were just little babes.  Thank you for loving them as we do.

First Term ended on a successful note.  However, we are sad to report that two students did not return to school after the break.  We are always sad to see our students go - especially under difficult circumstances.  One of our young woman students dropped out and a young man was taken to another school by his guardians.  The case management costs you provide with your sponsorship are so important.  As this program grows, we hope that more home visits and counseling can be provided to every student enrolled with The Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project.

Second term started on May 13th, 2013.  Our students’ academic performances vary and are determined by factors like hard work, background and the school location.  Many are working hard and improving their scores.  Those that are not performing well are being counseled and offered additional support to help improve their performance.  The S.4 students are looking forward to joining S.5. The mock exams at the end of this term will give us a picture of their academic abilities and help us determine whether to guide a few students toward their chosen vocational path.  The efforts of their teachers are very much appreciated by all.
We have had very few cases of disciplinary problems.  We had a meeting with guardians to facilitate support and good communication.  It appears the students facing disciplinary action are improving their behavior.  We will all work to continue with their guidance and counseling.  We all want them to have the best future's their education can provide them.  
Our students are generally in good health.  Two boys at Ishaka Adventist College had eye problems.  I took them to an optician at Ishaka and now they are fine and studying well. Two girls who are HIV positive are healthy and have not fallen sick since this term began.  
When I visited St. Gerald’s, it was a sports day. I was happy because some of our students are doing well in games and sports. 
Whenever I visit our students, they are always happy, and they feel encouraged.  During our meeting with the guardians, we encouraged and emphasized the importance of family visits. Schools encourage and emphasize this and I also appeal to the managers that whenever there is opportunity try to visit our students and give them just a word of encouragement.  

Thank YOU for your letters to the children you sponsor.  Your words help us encourage them to continue studying hard.  Similar to their families and staff, you are their role models too.
The St. Charles Senior fours had their study tour and those of Ishaka are having it at the end of this month.  
Allow me conclude by thanking YOU for your support, the Board of Directors and the management for their tireless efforts and contributions to make Nyaka what it is. Thank you 
Christine Kasiime
Education Coordinator

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