Wednesday, June 13, 2012

TODAY!! -- Global Giving BONUS Day!

Today, June 13th is Bonus Day at Global Giving! When you make an investment in one of our students or grandmothers through Global Giving, the site will match your gift at 50%.

Give NowThis is big... but there's more.

 The organization that raises the most money  will receive a $1000 bonus from Global Giving.

The organization that receives the highest number of new donors will receive a $1000 bonus from Global Giving..

To give you an idea of what this means...
$1000 is enough to sponsor 4 primary students for a year.
$1000 is enough to make sure 2 secondary students can continue their education for a year.

Imagine the impact we can make together in just one day.

But to accomplish any of that, we need YOUR help.

We need you to tell others about Bonus Day through your preferred method of communication, whether it's making phone calls, texting, sharing on Facebook or tweeting. You never know who's listening until you start talking, and hey-- maybe your hair stylist will end up being the goal achieving 25th new student supporter that day!

We need you to share your stories about what Nyaka means to YOU.

On a normal day, pledging to donate just $21/month will ensure that a primary student will receive free, high quality education, supplies, and meals.

On a normal day, pledging to donate $42/month will make sure a secondary student has the supplies, transportation, and meals to ensure a successful school year.

On a normal day, a $245 gift can provide a grandmother with a new sanitary latrine while a $310 one can provide her with a smoke-free kitchen.

On June 13th, your donation will do all that-- and 50% more.

So, if you have been thinking about sponsoring a student or building a latrine for a grandmother, then consider doing it today. Join us in achieving our goal of supporting at least 25 more students, and building at least 10 new latrines or kitchens for our grandmothers.

Spread the word about Bonus Day, and spread the love you have shown to our family in Uganda.