Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Perfect Mother's Day Gift

Mother's Day is just around the corner.  

Are you beginning to notice potential gifts all around you?  Are you looking for a special way to honor the woman in your life who has given you support, encouragement and love?

We have a great idea!
Show her your love by investing in this special one-time opportunity.

Take action and give a grandmother like Nzera a little help!

Our goal is for 100% of our most-dedicated Nyaka partners like you to honor or memorialize their special ladies by investing in our grandmothers. 

Your gift will allow us to:
  • build 50 homes, kitchens, and pit-latrines,
  • distribute 200 water harvesting tanks and gardening hoes, and
  • distribute 100 goats to the most destitute grandmothers in 2012.

You and/or your loved ones will be listed on our website, receive a card to let them know of your generous gift.  They will also receive a special report, just for them, chocked full of photos and stories from the beneficiaries later this year!

It's easy - you can make a one-time donation or you can make monthly payments.  Look at how far your investment will go in a woman's life!

$20 - Water Harvesting Tank - critical for access to clean water

$35 - Hoe & Water Harvesting Tank - for farming and food security

$50 - One Goat - can be sold to purchase food and medicine

$100 - Two Goats - produces offspring to cover school fees

$125 - New Clean Pit-Latrine - decreases exposure to cholera

$125 - Smokeless Kitchen - so grannies can cook during rainy season

$750 - Grandmother Home - provides the basic need of shelter*

$1000 - Grandmother Home, Kitchen, and Latrine - $84/month*

*Many of our grannies live exposed to the mountainous cold evenings and spend all rainy season wet and hungry.  We learned grannies will stay in their pit-latrines when it rains because it is their only escape from the rain and cold. When a grandmother receives a 'package' deal it is the best.

Grannies like Nzera and Mauda are depending on your help today.

In celebration of you and your generosity -

Founder & Executive Director