Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Perfect Mother's Day Gift

Mother's Day is just around the corner.  

Are you beginning to notice potential gifts all around you?  Are you looking for a special way to honor the woman in your life who has given you support, encouragement and love?

We have a great idea!
Show her your love by investing in this special one-time opportunity.

Take action and give a grandmother like Nzera a little help!

Our goal is for 100% of our most-dedicated Nyaka partners like you to honor or memorialize their special ladies by investing in our grandmothers. 

Your gift will allow us to:
  • build 50 homes, kitchens, and pit-latrines,
  • distribute 200 water harvesting tanks and gardening hoes, and
  • distribute 100 goats to the most destitute grandmothers in 2012.

You and/or your loved ones will be listed on our website, receive a card to let them know of your generous gift.  They will also receive a special report, just for them, chocked full of photos and stories from the beneficiaries later this year!

It's easy - you can make a one-time donation or you can make monthly payments.  Look at how far your investment will go in a woman's life!

$20 - Water Harvesting Tank - critical for access to clean water

$35 - Hoe & Water Harvesting Tank - for farming and food security

$50 - One Goat - can be sold to purchase food and medicine

$100 - Two Goats - produces offspring to cover school fees

$125 - New Clean Pit-Latrine - decreases exposure to cholera

$125 - Smokeless Kitchen - so grannies can cook during rainy season

$750 - Grandmother Home - provides the basic need of shelter*

$1000 - Grandmother Home, Kitchen, and Latrine - $84/month*

*Many of our grannies live exposed to the mountainous cold evenings and spend all rainy season wet and hungry.  We learned grannies will stay in their pit-latrines when it rains because it is their only escape from the rain and cold. When a grandmother receives a 'package' deal it is the best.

Grannies like Nzera and Mauda are depending on your help today.

In celebration of you and your generosity -

Founder & Executive Director 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Agatha Meets Her Match

Something big happened today. 

It was very quiet. 

There were no trumpets blaring. There was no confetti falling. 

The fanfare was simple. 

One name...

 placed next to another. 

Agatha was matched with her sponsor.

Agatha was not alone.  

Today, 63 students were matched with sponsors as a part of our newly launched 

In a matter of days, Agatha's sponsor will receive the handwritten letter Agatha wrote herself.  A special relationship will develop between 63 students and so many different kinds of sponsors.

The students of Gyeonggi Suwon International School raised enough money through their own original fundraisers to sponsor 3 students.

A family from Williamston, Michigan is sponsoring a secondary student declaring it, "the best investment!"

A Loyal Friend of Nyaka chose to only pay the administrative cost of a sponsorship to support this fledgling program.

We are grateful to them all.

PS - Watch the number 63 climb!  Follow this blog today for the latest updates on all of our programs!