Monday, March 19, 2012

Primary 5 Students Take a Field Trip to Kampala

We wanted to share with you our Primary 5 students’ annual field trip they took in December. This is the very first time most of them have been to a big city.

The tour began on December 11th when a bus headed to Kutamba and Nyaka Schools to pick up the Primary 5 students and teachers. The following day they started their 8 hour journey to Kampala with their teachers and the school nurse. The group spent three nights at Rubaga Hostel located opposite Lubiri Secondary School and explored the surrounding areas for the next couple days.

On the way to Jinja on day one, as they drove through the city centre of Kampala, the children were amazed by the traffic jam and the buildings, as they had never seen tall buildings before. They got to see the Kabaka’s palace (the king of the Buganda Kingdom) in Lubiri, the clock tower morning traffic jam, and the traffic lights. They were in awe at how the motorcycle and bicycle riders maneuver through the many cars. Most of the children tried to count the taxis that were moving but later gave up, saying that there were too many and could not count them all!

As they drove they saw a railway line and kept asking why it was narrow, as they hadn’t seen a railway before. Further along the children got to see Kasaku Tea Estate in Lugazi and saw how people pluck tea. When the group reached the Mabira Forest most children knew where they were and knew the forest by name, having studied it in school. This area is well known for the Owen Falls Dam (a source of hydroelectric power). They also saw the bridge for the railway, the area where power is transmitted from, men who were uprooting the weed from the lake, canoes, and some got a view of crocodiles! Afterwards the group proceeded to the Source of the Nile.

The following day they went to the famous Namugongo Martyrs Shrine. Later that afternoon the group went to the Parliament of Uganda and was welcomed by a guide who gave a brief introduction of the Parliament. Interestingly, whilst there, the Members of Parliament had a debate on how best they can help the people of Uganda who have suffered because of wars, like the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) War. Afterwards they went to the Uganda Museum. The children learned a lot about the first car, how electricity is generated at the Bujagali dam, the Stone Age, minerals in Uganda, how malaria is spread, and saw all the royal regalia.

Later that evening, as a surprise, the children welcomed Jackson at the airport! They got to see planes up close for the first time by going upstairs at Entebbe airport to have a view of the planes that were taking off and landing. After Jackson landed, they all went and had a soda with their beloved Director before retiring for the night.

They headed back home the next day – a very well-traveled and worldly group!