Monday, March 19, 2012

Nyaka is Growing

Did you know that in 2012 we will graduate our pioneer Kutamba students? For those of you who are relatively new to NAOP you may not know that Kutamba, like Nyaka, was built in blocks and each year an additional 30 students entered into the lowest level.

This year marks the first time that students from preschool all the way through Primary 7 are walking up the mountain to Kutamba Primary School! This also means that this year we will graduate a total of 60 students.

What an exciting time – I keep wanting to call 2012 “The year of Kutamba!”

This is great news that comes with significant impact.

Remember that part of what makes NAOP unique is that we promise our students that we will stand for and support them through Senior 6 (the equivalent of 12th grade).

By 2013, NAOP will be responsible for 156 secondary school scholarships – a 62% increase from the year prior. As Kutumba graduates join the ranks of Nyaka graduates, graduating class size goes from ~28 to ~60 (please note that some students choose a vocation, move, or drop out of school). The first 4 classes (a total of 96 students) will be joined by about 60 new students each year until 2017 when the last of those first 4 classes will graduate. Students attend 6 years of secondary school, so by 2018 we will have about 60 students in each grade totaling 360 secondary students. The annual cost of secondary education is estimated at about $500/student. AT this rate the cost of educating all our secondary students will jump from $48,000 in 2012 to $78,000 in 2013 and reach $180,000 by 2018. Please bear in mind that this is under the assumption the cost of secondary student education remains at $500/student over the next 6 years, which is unlikely.

It is critical for us to secure Primary and Secondary School sponsors in 2012 because of this growth. Please familiarize yourself with this integral program that is sustainable and inexpensive to run. Think about your church, service organization, and others who might be interested in becoming a sponsor of a student or open to a presentation. Sponsorships start at $21/month…that is a pretty easy mention to make while talking to your friends and family.

We’re so grateful for your love, care, and support of our students and grannies. Please let me know if you have any questions.

To learn more about sponsoring a student check our donor page here