Monday, March 19, 2012

Grandmother Program

Wow! It's been awhile since we updated the blog. I'm very sorry for the delay but I'll be making up for it by posting a few things in quick succession. Hopefully, this will satisfy your Nyaka thirst for knowledge.

This post will focus on our grandmother program, which has been serving grandmothers in the area for the past 4 years.

Regular home and group visits are carried out by the granny coordinator and assistants to monitor living conditions and school attendance of children, provide technical advice on income generating activities, and to ensure that the grandmothers are planting vegetable gardens. Living conditions for some grannies have improved after getting new houses, however, the need still remains for more houses, kitchens, and latrines. Jovans, pictured below, is one of our most recent beneficiaries.

Why are we committed to helping the neediest grandmothers near the Nyaka and Kutamba Schools? There are many reasons, but here are a few: Students who do not get a good night’s rest have a more difficult time in school. A leaking roof and unsafe home does not provide necessary shelter against the weather. Also, while Nyaka cannot take on educating every child in the Kanungu and Rukungiri Districts, our efforts helping grandmothers has led to their self-mobilization into 90 groups. Our efforts have also led to a greater respect for Nyaka in the surrounding communities. Not to mention…if you’ve ever visited it seems like the right thing to do when we place the word “holistic” in our mission statement aimed at alleviating poverty!

To date, the grannies are involved in the following income generating activities: growing crops; goat and poultry rearing; and selling porridge, handcrafts, roasted cassava, and roasted potatoes. We are always looking for new ways to help our grannies help themselves and their grandchildren. These activities give grandmothers the opportunity to support their families and without having to take their children out of school.

If you'd like to support our grandmothers in their small business efforts please consider hosting a basket party or browse their handicrafts on our etsy shop.