Friday, December 9, 2011

Girl Effect and Global Giving!

Hi All!

I apologize for the delay in Mission Moments. Our offices have been bustling getting out our year end appeals, last minute grant requests, and the like! We hope you enjoyed the Happy Thanksgiving video from Jackson on YouTube.

In case you haven’t heard…we have been chosen as a finalist for the Girl Effect Challenge! Thanks to you and other donors like YOU, The Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project came in 9th place in the Girl Effect Challenge, raising $9,483 in 30 days. As such, NAOP is one of 12 partners with Girl Effect in 2012! As we learn more about what this will mean for our bottom line, we’ll be sure to let you know.

In other news, we are taking this opportunity to toot our horn a little…The Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project is ranked #5 out of 7,507 other projects on GlobalGiving. If you’ve never checked out our project pages, please go to and search Nyaka – this will show you our 3 projects. We are ranked #5 based on us having “Superstar” status by the Foundation. As a result, we are most likely to be recommended to a corporate partner, featured in GG social media, donor communications, and many more perks. Recently, we received an extra $500 grant from a challenge they offered donors (other than ours) and we were chosen as a recipient. This partnership has brought in $134,963 to date. Toot! Toot!

We are very excited to be receiving so much attention. And while we're tooting our own horn, we'd like to remind you to toot yours as well. Your support has made our success a reality!