Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Welcome to The Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project Blog

The Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project has heard your voice and we are most pleased to bring you, in addition to a bi-annual newsletter Learning to Fly, regular updates from our students, grandmothers, and programs through our new blog.  We will be posting regular mission moments from the field, testimonials from students and grandmothers, as well as updates on Executive Director Twesigye Jackson Kaguri's book tour for A School for My VillageTruly we say, the best is yet to come!

Mission Moment from last week....

Desire Farm just received over 50 lbs. of seed from Seed and Light International – enough to feed our students and have additional food to distribute to our grandmothers. Desire Farm Manager Florence was thrilled to hear the shipment included special iron and clay beans that will produce several hundred pounds of nitrogen when harvested. What this means is that Nyaka is going to have the best maize around during the next growing season. This means increased food security for our students and grandmothers! Desire Farm is a critical part of the holistic human-rights based approach we take toward alleviating poverty in rural Uganda.