Friday, August 5, 2011

Mission Moment this week

A recent email sent to our staff by Nyaka visitor, donor, and unwavering supporter Barbara K.

 “You asked me what attracted me to Nyaka. I think it is because I can see a direct correlation between my donation and the results. I have told people over and over that it is one of the few places I know of that I can guarantee that my money is being spent on what I am told it is being spent on. I also appreciate that even a small donation can change a life. I saw that with my own eyes in just the short time we were there. Clare Strenger and I went with one of the teachers to buy food for Nyaka student  Bruno and his brother. The $40 we spent bought them food for 6 months and paid for supplies for his brother's school (not Nyaka but in the community).  One of the other special things about Nyaka is that everyone - children, teachers, grannies - all genuinely appreciate everything that is being done for them. The kids are engaging and curious, and very proud of their accomplishments. That helps keep us all motivated to help them. We have all loved seeing the pictures and reading the notes that follow the donations in kind that we send. Jackson's gift of connecting with us individually is obviously a huge factor in how we all feel about Nyaka.”

 I hope this inspires you to think about what attracts you to Nyaka and that it can be several aspects like it is for Barbara – economics, scale of impact, and a warm feeling…